A Good Day To Die

by Jeff Ott

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This song was recorded at the same time as the new material on Will Work For Diapers on Subcity/Hopeless. Those recordings got very lengthy, and even with two discs in the album, this couldn't fit.

The rest of that recording can be found here: hopelessrecords.merchnow.com/products/117875/jeff-ott-of-fifteen-will-work-for-diapers

At the time of the recording engineer Donald Cameron had an intern whose name I can't remember. He asked if we could make a disc of one of the songs for his girlfriend in Arizona. She was given a CD with this song 300% faster than normal, otherwise I never did anything with it.
I am very apprehensive to release anything with the word god in it these days, mainly because, 4 of 7 days a week I am an atheist. Rest assured, I have no serious belief in any sky living bearded men or any of the rest of it. I suppose the word "god" is easier to work with than "the unity of everything universe" which rhymes with nothing and is recognized by few.


A wise man said, “Today’s a good day to die”
A wise man said, “To call a life based on fear a life at all is a lie”
All the men say, everything is impossible so you better shut up boy and get back in line
I saw a flyer on a pole, and it said, “Everything is a lie”
We’ve had 5000 years of matriarchal lineage
We’ve had 5000 years of patriarchy too
Welcome to the end of the beginning, welcome to the beginning of the end
Welcome to 5000 years of rule by children
No churches anymore, no my gods the only god war
No churches anymore, no selling tickets to the door, of heaven
No churches anymore, no more hard sell, with the threat of hell and never ending torture
No churches anymore, cuz the only sin is division
I don’t need Jesus Christ, I don’t need Mohammed to find God, God is all around me
I don’t need no book, I don’t need no master, cuz God is everything
We have tended to perceive deity, in terms of having control
We will now learn to be a shining sliver of the whole
We have an awesome responsibility, to understand that we are deity
So please don’t misunderstand that when I say, “You are God”
It doesn’t mean you run the show, it means your PART of the whole
If we take responsibility, we will awaken to our divinity
You are god, you are not in control, you are part of the whole
You are god, you are not in control, you are part of the whole
You are god, you are not in control, you are part of the whole
You are god, you are not in control, you are part of the whole


released September 27, 2015
Jeff Ott - Guitar & Vocal
Music & Words - Jeff Ott



all rights reserved


Jeff Ott Clearlake, California

If you can explain anything in 400 characters, then you have been taken down the rabbit-hole of TV and Nationalism, and that you believe life is a series of dualities with one side right and the other wrong, so lets kill them wrong ones.
Lets just say I have a criminal record for shooting a cap gun at the Hoover Dam and leave it at that.
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